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Updated June 14, 2024

Newmarket G2 Road Test Building

Facing the G2 road test in Newmarket soon? We know it can feel scary. That is why we at Greenhorn Driving School put together this free guide at that covers everything you need to know!

We will take you through the Newmarket DriveTest Centre details, show you our responsive test route with signage/parking instructions, a Google Maps route you can use via the Google Maps app, provide a video walkthrough going over the test, and so much more!

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🚨 Important Disclaimer 🚨

At Greenhorn Driving School, our commitment is to cultivate safe and skilled drivers. While this guide provides insights about the Newmarket DriveTest Centre, it is intended for informational purposes only. We advocate for comprehensive driving education over merely learning specific routes. The information in this guide has been compiled from publicly available sources and direct insights from experienced examiners, which aim to enhance your overall preparedness for the G2  driving test. Greenhorn Driving School does not encourage route training as a substitute for general driving competence. We encourage all learners to focus on developing robust driving skills that ensure safety and defensive driving ability.

Newmarket DriveTest Centre Contact Information:

Location: 320 Harry Walker Parkway South, Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B4

Phone Number: 1-888-570-6110

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM | Saturday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM | Sunday : Closed

Booking Your Test:

  • Book a Road Test
    Note: Beware of scam websites charging fees. Booking through the official site is free.

License Changes:

What Makes Newmarket DriveTest Centre Different?

In our discussions with real DriveTest examiners about the effectiveness of route training, they emphasized the importance of selecting a test centre close to where you typically drive. This familiarity with local roads can significantly enhance test readiness, making Newmarket a prime choice for residents of Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Newmarket, Aurora, and the northern areas of Markham and Vaughan.

The Newmarket DriveTest Centre is notable for several reasons:

  • High Traffic Volume: It is one of the busier locations, which prepares drivers for realistic driving conditions.


  • Lack of School Zones: The G2 test routes here are free from school zones, reducing complexities related to variable speed limits.


  • Diverse Test Offerings: This centre provides a wide range of tests, including Class A, B, C, D, E, F, Z, G1, G2, G, M1 M2, M, LM, and LM2, accommodating almost every type of road user.


  • Competitive Pass Rates: With pass rates of 64% for the G2 and 61% for the G exams, it demonstrates a balanced challenge for test takers.


  • Accessibility Features: The centre features wheelchair-accessible entrances and a large parking lot, ensuring it caters to all candidates comfortably.

Google Maps Route for Newmarket G2 Road Test

To help you prepare for your Newmarket G2 road test, we created an interactive Google Maps route. This map highlights important considerations for your test such as speed limits and where you may perform specific maneuvers like parking.

Route Overview (Verified as of April 2024):

A – Begin with a left onto Harry Walker Pkwy S, heading north (50 km/h zone)

B – Left turn onto Stackhouse Rd, heading west (50 km/h zone)

C – Make a left to head south on Leslie St (60 km/h zone)

D – Take a right turn to proceed west on Gorham St (50 km/h zone)

E – Left onto Crowder Blvd, southbound (40 km/h zone).

F –  Here you will stop to execute roadside parking (downhill), perform a parallel park and a 3-point turn. 

G –  Left onto Leslie St, moving north (60 km/h zone)

H – Turn right onto Gorham St, heading east (50 km/h zone)

I – Make a right to rejoin Harry Walker Pkwy S, southbound (50 km/h zone)

J – Conclude with a right turn into the Drive Test Centre

Practice the Test Route Directly on Your Mobile

For those looking to get hands-on practice, we went ahead and linked this exact test route from the Newmarket G2 road test into Google Maps.By clicking the link below, you can access and drive the actual test route directly on your mobile device!Access the Route Here: Drive the Newmarket G2 Test RouteIf you happen to be in the area, or you plan to familiarize yourself with the area prior to your test, by using this and acting as if you were taking the test, can help build your confidence and increase your preparedness.

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Watch a Successful G2 Road Test in Action

Check out this dashcam footage of a successful G2 road test conducted on April 17, 2021, at the Newmarket DriveTest Centre.

This video, freely available on YouTube, offers a real-time perspective of the test, highlighting the route, the examiner’s instructions, and the maneuvers required to pass.

Video Highlights:

  • Parallel Parking (2:38): The examiner points out, “See that grey car over there? I would like you to stop behind it and parallel park behind it.” This shows exactly how to position the vehicle for parallel parking.


  • 3-Point Turn Introduction (3:39): The examiner instructs, “Alright, when it’s safe, you can go ahead. What I want you to do is a 3-point turn okay? So you can pull forward a little bit turning your wheels completely to the right.” This part captures the setup for a 3-point turn.


  • Executing the 3-Point Turn (4:15): As the test continues, the examiner says, “3-point turn right from here using the roadway only when it’s safe.” This captures the execution of the 3-point turn.


  • Uphill Parking (4:50): The examiner directs, “See that 50 km/h sign, I’d like you to pull over to that curb, pretend we’re up a hill, perform an uphill park.” This shows how to approach uphill parking during the test.

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