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Optimize your test preparation with Greenhorn Driving School’s innovative quiz bot, Greeny. Crafted to deliver a simulated G1 testing experience, our platform utilizes official MTO questions to offer a realistic and dynamic environment for mastering the essentials of driving theory. Each session is designed to track your progress and adapt to your learning pace, ensuring you’re fully prepared on test day.

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Engage with a community that offers more than just driving lessons. At Greenhorn Driving School, students can access special offers, participate in community-driven initiatives, and enjoy occasional giveaways.


Get all the tools you need in one place. From specialized guides for each DriveTest center to direct chats with instructors and reliable tech support, our resources are here to ensure you’re well-prepared and confident for your future driving tests.

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Explore testimonials that highlight our commitment to creating safe and skilled drivers.

A+ Driving School

Signing up with Greenhorn was a game changer for me! As a busy high school student the flexibility to schedule driving lessons directly through their app really made balancing school and learning to drive much easier. I could easily book sessions around my classes and part-time job without any stress.

… See full review.

The best part was the real-time feedback I got after each lesson. The app showed detailed reports on how I drove, highlighting things like speed control and how well I handled the car. This personalized feedback really helped me understand what I was doing right and what I needed to work on. See Less.

Tamar K.


Best Instructor

Enrolling my daughter at Greenhorn Driving School was a relief as a parent. The trip sharing feature gave me peace of mind during her lessons. She couldn’t stop talking about how her instructor Zameer made her feel at ease when driving for the first time. It is an amazing school with professional instructors, I highly recommend.

Shahran B.

Richmond Hill

G1 Genius Was A Nice Touch

It was a good refresher on the basics in preparation for the G2 road test. Purchasing the BDE package gave me access to the G1 Genius Discord which helped me prep for my road test at Newmarket and communicate with other new drivers. I appreciated the videos showing footage of real G2 tests at the DriveTest Center. … See full review.

Greenhorns mobile app was also fantastic in accommodating my schedule for classes, picking me up and dropping me off in Markham. 

See Less.

Arman G.


Satisfied is an Understatement

Terrific experience at Greenhorn Driving School! Blaze, is incredibly approachable and has assembled a team of top-notch, professional instructors. And I just passed my G2 test on my first attempt, and all at more affordable rates than other local schools!… See full review.

I purchased their BDE package and I found the e-course modules engaging, they had interactive content and real world driving scenarios that you can’t experience from a textbook. All in all I am grateful and thankful to all of the Greenhorn team!

… See Less.

Romy F.


Big Fan of Chalk Talk Report Cards

I just got my Chalk Talk Report Card from Greenhorn and it’s seriously helpful. The feedback is straightforward and it’s broken down so I can actually see what I need to work on. It’s really useful to track my progress like this. Makes prepping for my next drive way less stressful!

Matthew M.


Professional & Effective

My son Joseph recently got his license through Greenhorn Driving School, and we couldn’t be happier with the experience. He was enrolled in the TurboTest Pro package, which included a G2 mock exam and use of his instructors car for the test. This was perfect for Joseph and was everything he needed to pass on the first try.… See full review.

The online platform was user-friendly, making it easy to track his progress and he even received a completion package after completing all the lessons. The interactive modules and real-time feedback really helped him understand driving concepts and improve quickly. I highly recommend Greenhorn for their thorough and modern approach to driver education.

… See Less.

Igor P.

Richmond Hill

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions About Greenhorn Driving School

The Best Driving Community Out There.

G1 Genius is an interactive online platform provided by Greenhorn Driving School, hosted on our Discord server. It’s designed to help Ontario driving students prepare for their G1 test with access to over 300 real exam questions.Our platform not only offers extensive test preparation but also a supportive community environment where learners can engage with experts and peers to enhance their driving knowledge.

Accurate Test Preparation.

Our practice quizzes include official MTO questions that you will encounter on the actual test, updated for 2024 to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Tracking Your Progress.

Yes, every session is recorded in your chat history with Greeny, allowing you to review your questions and track your learning progress over time.

Test Readiness.

Once you feel prepared, take our /g1mocktest to evaluate your readiness. If you pass with confidence, review our guides on local DriveTest centres and consult with our instructors within the instructor-chat channel for any last minute advice.

We Will Support You Throughout Your Whole Journey.

If you do not pass the G1 test after purchasing our exclusive premium access (excluding bundled tokens in BDE Packages), you are eligible for a refund. We are dedicated to your success and will work closely with you to address any areas of difficulty.

G1 Prep + G2 Readiness = Greenhorn Driving.

Yes, Greenhorn Driving School provides comprehensive G2 services as part of our Beginner Driver Education (BDE) program and the enhanced TurboTest Pro package. Both options include in-car training to master the skills required for the G2 test.For more info visit our Pricing Page.

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