Greenhorn's Story

When I was 16, all I could think about was getting my driver’s license. I got my G1 pretty quickly and was super excited about driving on my own. I heard from friends that if I went to a driving school and did their safety course, I could get my G2 license even faster. So, I convinced my parents to let me sign up.

I picked a well known driving school close to home and did the classroom portion with a buddy. However, when it came to the actual driving lessons, things took a turn for the worse. My instructor seemed more interested in making a quick buck than actually teaching me to drive. He even said he’d sign off on 7/10 hours and get me to the G2 test center in the same week.

Being young, I thought, “Why not?” Maybe he thought I was a natural. But when the test day came, I was a mess. I knew I hadn’t practiced enough, and, no surprise, I failed. And not just once I failed four times!

That experience was a wake-up call. I experienced first hand the corruption prevalent within these local schools and realized there was a gap in this driving education industry, and I was determined to fill it. My vision was clear: to create a driving school that genuinely prioritized the student’s learning and safety. With Greenhorn Driving School, I aimed to blend modern technology with effective teaching, ensuring every student feels confident behind the wheel.

Beyond my personal driving journey, my educational and professional background has played a pivotal role in shaping this venture. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce from Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson). My passion for technology and my experience in business development have been instrumental in building the foundation of Greenhorn Driving School. As an entrepreneur at heart, I’ve always been driven by the desire to innovate and make a positive impact. Greenhorn Driving School is a testament to that commitment, striving to elevate the driving education experience for all.


Blaze Pavars – CEO