Zameer Mian

With Greenhorn Since 2023.

Zameer Mian

Chief Instructor

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Language: English, Hindu

Phone : +1 289 205 -9119(11)

About Me

Hi, I’m Zameer. For over 20 years, I’ve been teaching driving and was honored to be recognized as the top instructor in Markham for three consecutive years. I previously ran YoungStar Driving School, but I was drawn to Greenhorn Driving School because of its innovative vision. What keeps me passionate about this job is the joy of helping people learn to drive. It’s truly rewarding to see my students grow confident on the road. Outside of teaching, I hold a degree in Political Science. Choose me as your instructor, and I promise a valuable learning experience. Can’t wait to drive with you!

Fun Fact

I earned a Masters Degree in Political Science

I Love

Performing my music in front of audiences, and I enjoy making people laugh.

Instructor Experience:

Youngstar Driving School | 2000 – 2021

Area Served


Promenade Mall

Richmond Hill

Hillcrest Mall

Vehicle Information



2018 Civic

Learn From the Best

Every journey begins with a single drive

Let Zameer be the one by your side.