Blaze Pavars

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Blaze Pavars


About Me

Nice to meet you!

I’m Blaze Pavars, a recent graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University with a degree in Real Estate Management, and the proud founder and CEO of Greenhorn Driving School.

After spending the last 2.5 years in the financial industry, I decided to follow my entrepreneurial spirit and address a problem close to my heart: transforming the driving school industry. My personal experiences with traditional driving education which included unethical practices and lack of genuine learning, fueled my determination to make a real difference.

Throughout university I spent my free time developing technological skills, ranging from Coding, UX, Cloud Computing, etc. This self taught journey has allowed me to combine Greenhorn Driving School with cutting edge tech, revolutionizing how we teach and how our students learn.

Fun Fact

I have over 50 Spotify Playlists, I may listen to too much music…

I Love

Exotic Drinks, German Shepherds, and Strategy Games

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